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Talk to us and speed-up payouts


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Hi @ggildas, welcome to the Community :)

Thank you for posting and voicing your opinion, first of all, there's no denying that there were issues this past couple of days, for that please let me apologize in the name of Unibet. I can also agree on the Scheduled Maintenance message, I would need to look into exactly what is the procedure in these cases but I do remember that we did message players in the past regarding these maintenances. I would assume that since these issues lasted around 2 days the guys as soon as they had a fixed they rolled it out not leaving enough time to properly communicate this to our players. But I agree that there should be clearer communication in these cases wherever possible.


If you do feel that you were affected financially by these errors, please let me know a bit more in detail and I can look into getting you refunded if that's the case.



Former Community Moderator
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