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Session moved to another device while playing poker via Chrome browser


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@Stubbe-Unibet  experienced 'subject' behavior today early morning. I'm 100% sure that there was no another 'device' connected / nor another connection in context with my ACCOUNT (you should probably confirm this?).

Related system information:


Browser information: Chrome Version 80.0.3987.122 (Official Build) (64-bit)

It quite 'sucks' when you have money on the 4 cash game tables and you need to re-connect (after that your table tile position swapped randomly!) just becuase of nobody knows why ... Can you bring some light into this, please ? 👍

Related LOG file -> attached inside


+ just another cosmetic "note" (I must replace unallowed 'keyword' by asterisks):


"The message body contains "L88 A88 N88 G88", which is not permitted in this community. Please remove this content before sending your post. We don't allow posts in other ****uages than English, and swearing is not allowed either."

Console LOG.txt

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