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@LydiasDaddy19 wrote:

Hi guys, just wondering if any of you can invite me to the £1000 free roll that starts at 18:00 hours. Many thanks


Hi @LydiasDaddy19, the freeroll's description is pretty clear that unless you have already received an invite you can't join this one I'm afraid.

Welcome to the Community none the less though.


Former Community Moderator
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Hi, @RayL 

I can see I have to Valentines freeroll-tickets which expired tomorrow. I guess the tickets were for tournaments at yesterday. But I missed them :teardrop:

But is it possible to get a message about the tickets at Unibets frontpage? Because I and others also I think, don`t log in to the pokerclient every day. It is sad to miss great freerolls.

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