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Short deck poker cash games


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It seems like the two biggest or most hyped poker game types that Unibet is lacking are fast fold poker and short deck holdem. Fast fold poker ("zoom") is a nitty game type that requires a lot of liquidity by definition, so maybe the next poker game type that Unibet should add is short deck?

Other good things about implementing short deck:

-The game mechanics are pretty similar to NLHE. It is basically NLHE with a smaller deck, different hand rankings and a different blind structure (optional). This does not make it easy to program of course but maybe relatively easier than some other games (e.g stud or draw games). It also makes it easier for users to learn and get used to the variant since it has somewhat more similar mechanics

-Adding a new poker variant might increase liquidity of other games too

-If Banzai has enough liquidity to run often I think there is a very good chance that short deck would have as well (especially with the potential new customers coming for the short deck)

Of course the dev team probably has a lot of other more immediate priorities (which is understandable), but it would be awesome if short deck was a thing in the future! 

p.s Or maybe you could be one of the first poker sites to implement online drawmaha? XD

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