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Please read this info... Uni bet in breach

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Status: Chatting
Anthony: I haven't received my free spins
Aleksander: Welcome to Unibet!
Anthony: Hi
Anthony: No free spins from my deposit bonus
Aleksander: Hello
Aleksander: To verify the account may I ask about your email address, home address and mobile number please?
Anthony: Ridethepunani046@gmail.com
Anthony:  1 Da***********
Anthony: 44 7852 4_____
Anthony: Anthing else
Aleksander: Thank you very much 
Aleksander: Please be informed that you have an account on UK website 
Aleksander: In this case you have to contact the proper support via: https://www.unibet.co.uk/
Anthony: Ok
Anthony: Well where's the free spins
Aleksander: I am very sorry I can not give you any information 
Anthony: OK lol
Anthony: Wow
Anthony: Send me a chat transcript please
Anthony: Am writing to inform the gambling committee
Aleksander: About? 
Anthony: How it's unfair that uni bet a gambling company don't deal with players from the UK because am on. Com and not Co. Uk
Anthony: Needs to be addressed in the terms and conditions
Aleksander: I am very sorry for that, but that's the rules I wish to answer your questions but I am not allowed 
Aleksander: Please contact the proper customer support 
Anthony: If you managed to pull my details up why can't u handle my questions and credit my account
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Hi @Anthonysygrove , welcome to the Community :)
Although I have to agree that a bit more "elbow grease" could have gone in from our agent's side, it's true that our Customer Service department is divided into jurisdictions and preferably players contact their local Customer Support line regarding questions that are specific to that market/country. There are multiple reasons for that, one of them being that if the Bonus is slightly delayed or if they would need to add it manually for you, the UK support is the one that can actually fix it for you. There is no breach of terms from our side in regards to that chat, just to clarify. Now with that being said, I had a look at your account and you have received and played them in the meantime.
Please let us know if there is anything else we can fo for you in the meantime.


Former Community Moderator
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