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Chess Blitz Community tourney - Who's in?


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Hello guys!
Magnus Carlsen became lately a new Unibet Ambassador!  :Rockon:
Let's welcome him and organize a short blitz community tourney. Who's in? :Cool:
I suggest lichess.org and standart 3 min Blitz without increments. Best of 3 format. How about that? :Smirk:

For practice, find me there: Want2Be1eve. I'm a casual coffee-break player with av 1600 rating)

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@Want2Believe wrote:

@GR1ZZL3R I'm sorry. I donno what was that...Mine worked perfectly. :sad:

Not your problem @Want2Believe I hung around for 10 minutes running diagnostics and checking servers but nothing doing so gave up. :teardrop: Tried now and straight in. :wonder:

"It turns out that 75% of all poker players think they play better than the other 75%."     image.png.99a4e82708d54abfc527324e8836768e.png

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