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EMV freeroll glitch?


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Hey guys, 

What's going on with EMV freerolls? There are free re-buys for 42 minutes. Is it supposed to be like this or is it a computer glitch? 
It seems like a glitch, because there is only one hand in ten when noone goes all-in, because they can re-buy as many times as they want in first 42 minutes. Seems crazy, because you can't really play if half of the table are always all-in. :D Right now first 42 minutes are just for luck. Yesterday one guy had basically half of all stack, because he just went all in with all suited or with cards that in few ways can get something. 
Everyone is going all with suited cards, even if they are J2suited. Or they are off-suited 7-5. Still going all in. 

Seems weird. So I decided to let you know that something is wrong with your app if you in fact didn't decide to do this kind of a freeroll :)

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