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Login window did not appear on ANDROID


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@Stubbe-Unibet  it is about week or so ('changes') ... that after launching of Unibet poker application I experiencing following 'symptoms':

1) keyboard appear too early (during "initial screenshot" -> loading process)

2) login window did not appear on the "carpet" image (backstage) ... application remains with 'backround' image and leave you really short of any kind of action :Waterfall:


So current state leave me with playing by using web-browser as this is still working :Thumbsup: as expected ...

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@Stubbe-Unibet  any update about this?

Today I experienced power outage and although I use laptop my battery is almost dead. This happens probably once in a few months, so I didn't bought a new battery or powerbank. Instead I used to login into the app and this way missed no more than 1-2 hands.

This morning the situation was maddening, as the blackout was 25-30min. It happened during my morning session while playing several MTTs.

The most aggravating was the situation in the €5 Shooting Star where I was one of the chipleaders . I've just have caught a huge bluff by the other table big-stack and - boom my monitor went black 😠

The funny thing is I've ammassed so many chips even before late-reg had closed that made it ITM (Stu Ungar style :laugh:).

It wasn't very funny then though -  helpless while another tourneywhere I should win or reachfinal table at worst, goes to waste.

I acknowledge the problem is partly on my side this time. Having the app to use in such emergency cases (5-10min max) and only few time an year suited me well till recently.

The unceirtainty and anxiety caused by these unfortunate events is the main problem. It lingers into my subconscious mind already.

The devs neglecting the problem for a long time - many updates were released without a solution, isn't encouraging too.

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