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Way too many 'reconnect'


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During yesterday's grind 😀 by using of poker client version, tile to up to 3 tables (Chrome viewer - hope that latest&greatest version) I experienced following story:



Satellite L670-1DW, Core_i3(370M)-2.4G 17,3"HD(LED) 4G 500G DVDRW WL(n) ATI(1024) CAM BT W7HP(64)

Internet connection: Wi-fi, no other issues spotted whole day long ...

Note: whenever additional information required, I could give it a try.

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Hey @MadAdo. Don't have any other complaints from this time, as you can see in the hand history, no other players at the table had any issues, and the server logs look perfect at this time.

In other words; looks like a short connection issue on your end, which is not uncommon with WiFi.

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