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Call button graphics error


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That was pretty bad because I wasn't 100% sure which graphic was glitching as it showed different bet amount and different call amount. I actually called out of curiosity and it turns out the bet was 6.3BB. Would have folded if I had been sure it is 6.3BB but it is a small tournament for me and the call is not terrible play with 6.3BB, so no major loss of value. 

Last time I provided bug report I did try to update the driver through the link you provided, for some reason I see that my driver is still very old, seems like it failed.  I managed to update it now through some googling but the screenshots I provide are before the update. But I guess we'll be assuming again that it might be due to old drivers. 

Anyways, maybe there is something in the logs and I'll be in touch if the probem persists now that the graphic drivers are really up to date. @Stubbe-Unibet 



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Thanks. The missing fold button is unfortunately a really old friend of mine. I've been cutting him off a few times, but he insists on coming back to haunt me. It's on the backlog. Could also be related to the initial report, but don't remember ever seeing that one :)


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