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Mixed nations football league.


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This is just idea about competition which could be something interesting. The main idea is to check nationalities in this forum and choose for example five with the most people. I know we have a lot of Romanians, some Hungarians, people from Skandinavia, but let's go to the idea. We would choose for example 2 football matches from each country league and bet 1x2 like in previous community competitions, this gives us 10 matches to bet on in total. The fun thing is that if we are for instance from Poland like I am we can choose one bonus match from my country wchich would be worth two times more points. It's not big change from previous competitions but gives us a little bit sense of knowledge about our national leagues and a note of international rivalry. Maybe we could bet in 2 or 4 people groups and count points in total? Of course we have some not so popular countries here, they could join others. What do you think about it? It's just an idea but i think it would be a lot of fun. 

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