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I decided to write about it because, like unibet, it cares about its users and rewards for its activity, but I can't agree with it.

Recently, in two months (December-January) I made a lot of deposits, I turned slightly, I think, 2000 euros, betting bets, playing slot machines or poker tournaments for cash and it is a bit strange, but I did not receive anything in return. I have not received any free bet (I do not count what you need to place four bets to get a really free bet) on even 10, 15 or 25 €, no free spins or what also seems to me a strange ticket to the double trouble poker tournament in which week a only betting freeroll ticket.

Unibet is currently the number one platform for me, but looking at how much money I was trading, it seems a bit wrong to me.

I would like someone responsible for bonuses or the loyalty department to say something on this topic, or check my account in the last two months and reasonably explain it to me why it is so and not otherwise, because I think I was an active user during this period.

Best regards and waiting as it really is;)

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Hey @UpizGaNy,

From what I can see you have been an active user in the past few months, but it's certainly not the case that no bonuses or such have been offered. You have used (Opted in) and completed 26 different offers, including Cash freespins. Most of these are as you said, "Bet X and receive X" but that is still a bonus offer. There is also quite a few exclusive offers, which shows that the tailored system works as it should. 

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