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Satellites for Hexapro tickets


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Hey guys,

What do you say about bringing up some sats with hexapro tickets as rewards ?

I guess there will be some players at any moment to play them. Let's say :

0.2 euro buy in for 1 Euro hex ticket

0.4 euro buy in for 2 Euro hex ticket

1 euro buy in for 5 Euro hex ticket, and so on

Looking forward for your answer

@RayL @Stubbe-Unibet @Patric-Unibet 

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@successlaw there is something in it. I would play more hexa for 100% :) Especially that you don't have to do special with overlay here. At low stakes 1gtd tiikiet is enough. @Leo-Unibet bing bong ding. This is my first strike with satellites, a little warm-up ... second is coming :Cool::Rockon:

@Merenitsu what is stupid to you makes sense to many others. Think about this.


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"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises."
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