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All-in bet size not accepted, Unibet makes "autocorrection"


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This was on 7 Jan, I'm reporting it now.

I pressed the All-in button and then I bet. Somehow it didn't register my exact command. I didn't even know you can bet in 0.1BB increments, I don't do it or have a need for. At least it's a cool bug, having a safety net.

Maybe because Smoke_Haze was not online and there was no point in letting me bet the full amount ? It just made a bet equal to mafioso77777's stack.
Obviously, I'm not that bothered by this bug, but if this helps Unibet have a better platform and I make some contribution, as seldom as I do, here it is.
I'm happy with Unibet, I don't usually get bugs.



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