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Streakr win??


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When I logged in today to my streakr I couldn't turn my card so I couldn't see if I won or not. I look it up and yes I won.

3th day in a row so I was going to get my €2 free bet. But nothing happend, I'm still on a 2 day streak but this can't be correct.


These are my last 3 predictions:

Roma - Torino (both teams score) - NO (won)

Napili - Inter (Win) - INTER (won)

New Jersey Devils - New York Islanders (Win) - New York Islanders (win)


Can this be fixed please?

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Sorry, just found out that they won in the extra time and that doesn't count.

So I lost it.

Anyway, I just saw that I have to promotions but when I click on it I only have one and I can't decline this offer.

Any help/tips?


*Screenshot added*


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Hi @emle123, thanks for letting us know regarding the Streakr promotion first of all.

Regarding your Bonus, I can't remove it while it's still pending so if you'd like it to disappear, activate it and then I can just cancel it. Alternatively, you can let it expire.




Former Community Moderator
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