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named slots tories


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named slots tories because they seem to take off the poor and give to the wealthy :) for one there too many which means money spread around all them id rather just 10 slots tbh i like play slots at low stakes but they dont pay out anything most time , but i put them to test when my mom won bingo jp and told her try higher stakes and what do we get about a 38 pound win 2nd spin it not luck or random gen they just seem to be poor payout at low stakes i think most these slots now days made for footballers or tory mp's on over 75k year with there 25 pound per spin who else in right mind would do this gamble , again tourno play how is it fair to reward those that already had the biggest win on them when someone else who wagers same amount isnt even on board let alone top getting 100 - 1000 quid or spins would rather see tourno that are just 20 -50 spins who  did the worst rewarded the tourno win .just my thoughts on casino play anyway you welcome to reply with anything :)

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