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Incorrect void reasons on tennis matches


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Hey @RayL , @JeppeL ,

Could you please ask the sportsteam or your betting provider to fix this wrong info showed when tennis matches are voided?

It's been going on for several years and i have been posting about it for so many times , but again , no response.

There are a lot of people who are not familiar with this error and when they check their bettinh history , it always says that the matches are re schedule or postponed , when in fact those matches are never ever gonna be played , due to other reasons ( like change of nomination ( Fed Cup/Davis Cup / Laver Cup matches in general ) , or retirement before match of one of the players , etc.

Eevery single time the message says the match it will re schedule , which is a lie. Therefore , many customers start looking for additional info or contact customer support to find when the match will be played , etc.

Is it really that hard to specify the reason why a match did not take place? Or due to laziness it's better to just have an auto-draft?


This is a perfect example: Today's Davis Cup double match had a chage of nomination for one of the players , and in this message it's mentioned that the reason for voiding it  was cause the match will be re schedule, when in fact this match , in this format , will never take place .

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Heya @AndreiBN, thanks for once again reporting this confusing tag for voided bets. I w-mailed the Sportsbook guys with it now and will be chasing it down to see what can be done in this regard. I'm certainly no expert, especially in the code that Kambi's system is running on but I certainly hope that this is not something that would need re writing and it's more of adding an extra classification to the system when bets are voided. I fear the worst though as usually things easily fixable are fixed quicker than "several years". In any case, I'm on it.



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