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My thoughts on the site.


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Hi again all.

Well I've been playing here for about a week now and I'd like to share my thoughts on the site and my experiences so far.

I joined up because I saw there was a freeroll advertised on Jackpot Freerolls and unibet was one of the few sites that I wasn't a member of.

Initially I have to say that I didn't really like how the site was set up. I was not used to a site that allowed multiple aliases and avatars and thought it was all a bit gimicky. I did find the initial sign up bonus good value though and I soon got the hang of creating aliases and avatars. I had become used to using a HUD on the other sites that play on but they do not work on ubibet.

I have since been playing the NL4 cash game to release the bonus and I have to say that I have completely changed my mind on the whole thing. I have come to realise that I had probably become so used to using HUD's and making notes on players that I had more or less become quite a lazy player.

The way that Uni Bet run the site has, I feel, actually improved my game and forced me to become a better player. Instead of relying on streams of data and re-reading notes I have on players I am finding that to play well you have to pay attention on Uni Bet. I suppose in a way it mirrors the experience you get in a proper casino. There you have to rely on what you see going on and are not able to open up a book and look at how what player x  calls and raises with.

So all in all I've got to give Uni Bet a big thumbs up :) (well until I go on a losing streak anyway lol)

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I am sure that software like trackers, huds etc kills poker. The only reason that i play unibet is that unibet doesnt works with such software. and I think that sooner or later in other places, too, would prohibit software

And we must think about new players and recreational players. it would be unfair to them if we will use software

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