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Is there a live chat on your site?

I only had problems today !!

My "cash out" did not work!

I made a deposit of 10 €, they did not accept .. so I retried a deposit and I was put 20 € on my account!

My bets refuse to validate by moment! This is unacceptable and I hope we will be entitled to a compensation if it was the same for everyone!

Thank you
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Hi @Abdul6950, welcome to the Community :)

Sorry to hear about the issues encountered and that you didn't have the best experience. I'm unable to trace any payment error on your account, and since the deposits were made within one hour from each other and with different methods, my only guess would be either an error on your bank's side, the payments provider's side or simply a delay in your payment.

Cash out is not a guaranteed function that will be available during the whole duration of a match, it is rather to be used when the system makes it available however the "Bet validation" issue seems a bit strange. How did this error manifest? Did you get a message, or was it the pop up box where you would need to accept a predefined amount or send the desired amount to be approved?

If you have any concrete screenshots, times when the issues occurred or any additional information we would be happy to have a closer look at what could have went wrong.



Former Community Moderator
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