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Skrill removed from my account

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Hi @zsoltika65, welcome to the Community.
Unibet reserves the right to add or remove payment methods regardless of the player's activity in general and is tied to a multitude of factors like region you registered from, availability of the method in that region and many others but the fact that you created a fake account and used it does not help the situation either of course. The method is indeed unavailable.
As a general rule, the methods that are presented onsite work, have been tested and there is no real reason to test them. I'm afraid that in the light of the recent activity on the account, this will stay unavailable and there is no time frame yet on when/if the method will be available again.
We have to keep in mind that there are laws governing the financial sector, especially electronic wallets like Skrill/Netteller etc, and there is a chance that the method will be unavailable at one point in time due to external reasons, not necessarily due to Unibet.


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