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Bed lost but not correct


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@Jurgend , based on our source provider the first goal was scored before the 40th minute therefore the settlement as it is at the moment is settled correctly

16:39:0339:38[0 : 1]   Goal   NK Lokomotiva Zagreb U19 [confirmed]
17:38:0984:21[0 : 2]   Goal   NK Lokomotiva Zagreb U19 [confirmed]
17:43:4089:52[0 : 3]   Goal   NK Lokomotiva Zagreb U19 [confirmed]

In the case that we would like to contest that I'd be happy to reopen the case but I would need somenthing tangible like a stream of the game or some compeling screenshots. 

Also I have been advised that the times presented on most Live Stats sites are rounded off so taking them as a refference in a case that 1 split second can make it or break it is not taken into consideration unless the times are accurate and not rounded off.


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