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Did you know? Bingo facts


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Happy Friday Bingo lovers! 

A lovely weekend ahead and I thought I could share some sweet facts about our beloved Bingo! :wow:

Let's talk about money :cash:

  • Over €3 Million is won during scheduled games every month (this is excluding jackpots or promotions, meaning that it's clean cash) 
  • Over 6000 jackpots are scheduled every week
    • Over 800 of these are community jackpots - meaning the winner of the full house wins 50% of the jackpot and the active players in the room share the remaining 50%
  • Game prizes range from €5 - €2000, with a monthly €5000 prize (our 'Super Saturday' game, ticket price just €1.50) 
  • There is a big progressive jackpot that is currently live at ~€138,515!


Do you like to play slots? In Bingo world we call them minigames:

  • A range of 19 minigames are available (these can be played at the same time as playing bingo or independently) 
  • They are exclusive only to us, so you won't find the same minigames anywhere else ;) 
  • The most popular minigame is Blender Blast (question - do you like the game? why?) 
  • There is a progressive jackpot minigame, Jack’s Jackpot which has four different price points associated with four different progressive jackpots! 


I hope these facts will make you open up the Bingo client and join the fun of Bingo! Don't forget that currently, we have our 1 Million cash spins drop (you can read more here)

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Hey @TDW

Thanks for your question. 

It means that we have scheduled games in advance with initial prize to be won, all together in one month, we have more than €3 Million scheduled. Basically, that is money we add to the total prize pool, there might be rounds with 50€ starting prize, there might be special rounds scheduled, as an example 'Added Money' where we add even more money to win. With every ticket purchased / pre-purchased the total prize pool grows. 

I did a screenshot from round list view below: 


Hope this is clear now 😃

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