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Becoming very frustrated by sudden request for account verification following a large withdrawal. 

I have provided a copy of my driving licence which has been accepted. Along with a loan application which shows my name and address and a printed statement provided at the counter from my bank which also shows my name and address. 

However these documents have been rejected. I do not receive paper statements from the bank via post as my banking is done online and I am not named on utility bills. 

I have since provided further documentation which shows my name and address. 

Furthermore, I have had to ring up to find out these have been rejected. 

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Hi @DanC86, welcome to the Community :)
Sorry for the hassle with the verification, depending on the jurisdiction you play from and on the particular situation, the rules over succesfully verifying an account vary.
In this case your ID is already verified and approved but I see indee that there is a bit of a back and forth with your Proof of Address. What is needed is one that was sent directly to your home address. Unfortunately the ones that are issued at an office or printed from downloaded statements are not accepted I'm afraid. Besides bank statements, you can also provide a utility bill, tax returns or an internet bill. I realize that this might seem a bit harsh from our side or even malitious but I would like to asure you that this is being done for the security of all of our players accounts, and without sounding too robotic, it is an incremental document for your verification as well. Please let us know if there  any clarification needed, and once the document is sent, give us a heads up, we might be able to speed up the verification a bit for you.



Former Community Moderator
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