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all the offer i get is for soccer lol  i do not bet on soccer..im just not interested by that sports! imo betting on it is not that much of a good deal! but i still bet on several sports, tennis, MMA, hockey, baseball, boxe...i wouldn't mind betting on other combat sports as well ...i do gamble on a lot of stuff but i get soccer offers ?

hopefully one day the customer offers will be re-structured so, in the end, we go in hand in hand 

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Thanks for this feedback/suggestion @pittpitt, I'll be looking into this with some of the other marketing managers in our team and see if something can be done somehow. I do have an idea for it myself, but I need to review it with the other managers before being able to speak on it here. 
You're right though, football is very popular and it's by far what most people bet on, making it the most "safe" to use in promotions that goes out to thousands of people.


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