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VAR and added time


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Hi, last night i was watching Inter vs Lecce.

i noticed that in the second half there where 6 subs, 2 goals, 1 red card, and a penalty the refferee had to walk to the Screen on the sideline to check. Both teams was pushing for another goal, and in the 88th minute Unibet gave 2.88 in odds for another goal. in my mind i thougt it definatly should be 7-10 minutes added time. but the referee blew the whistle after 90 minutes and 10 seconds.  same thing happened in PSG - Toulouse this sunday. 

My question is if theyre not adding time in second half if it`s clear who`s winning?

Cuz the odds for another goal after 88th minutes for 2.88 is really bad if it`s less than 2 minutes left to play.

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