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I am one of a few members who dont log on the Poker client evry day ....

However today I had to log on since I doing some "resertch".

Guess what there it was a Rio Showdon ticket...whisky-Tango-Foxtrot lol...expire in 11 houers and no Tournament to use it for...

So can Unibet Poker team please start send out e-mail when something like this is added to members account ?

The Poker client and the Casino is 2 diffrent things...or maybe you could send a PM inside the Casino because most of the members log on there reguarly me think ;)
Evrytime there is a PM or Bonus it show easy in the Casino.

Even this was a free roll ticket I do like all info that consern me...and my account ;)

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It would have been added to your account because you placed a €5 bet on the site. 


You are right though, if you don't know about thr promotions being run then you may be blissfully unaware of tickets sitting in your account. Some sort of auto-emailer for when you get a ticket would be a good addition.

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Yes, I had a similar experience during the Euro2016, I missed most of the poker promos by not logging into the poker client. 

I didn't mnd missing those, but I think it is also bad for the Unibet not to send emails about the tickets. I believe that if the occasional betting or casino customer would know about free tickets, they might be lured into the poker world and therefore add more revenue.

I know I was lured back to poker by the promos and freerolls.. Now I have played some money tourneys and cash games as well. :)

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For notifications a text would work even better than an email. Have the option for both, & the individual can decide how they want to be notified.
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I agree that it'd be nice if we could notify people somehow, we don't really have a way to.  It's hard to schedule even regular monthly mails, let alone smaller mailouts to small number of players.  It's just a problem of the way we're setup as a company at the moment.

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