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Horse, Greyhound, football betting not loading using chrome book


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I'm using a Chrome book computer with chrome browser. The horse racing, greyhound, football betting will not load and allow me to place a bet. It works ok on my tablet. I'm using the lastest version of chrome browser. I spoke to help line, They advised me to clear cache and browser history and reboot. I have done this but still it is not working. I have enabled flash as well. 

Any suggestions how to resolve this issue.


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Hi @jl69 and @rascal, welcome to the Community :)

@jl69, the reason that nothing was launching on your account was due to a security block that wasn't supposed tpo be there, apologies for that, the blocks are now removed and all should be working perfectly now. In the case that you are still experiencing issues with loading the site on the Chromebook, can we please have a couple of screenshots of the error or of the page that is not loading? Based on those we should be able to have a closer look with our developers.

@rascal, I wasn't able to locate any blocks on your account like with the account above which makes it strange that the Racing platform s not loading. Just to confirm some facts:
-You are trying to launch the Racing Client via a Chromebook as reported above and it works on other devices?
-You tried deleting cookies and cache and relaunching it?

Let us know how it goes guys.


Former Community Moderator
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