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Cancelled match


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If the match has been cancelled, then your stake will be returned. Its just taking some time for Unibet to receive the information.
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 Thanks for posting and welcome, you get the last post of the day from me :)

We always allow the teams 72 hours to get the match played before voiding bets:

From our terms and conditions.
Should the date for an event which has not started yet, be moved not more than 3 full days prior/following the original date and time previously issued by the governing association, all bets will stand, even if the new kick off time is more than 36 hours past/previous the original stipulated time. In case an event which has not started yet, is moved more than a full 3 days, or else, the event has started and an official result cannot be declared before 36 hours have passed, the bets will be declared void .


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