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Belgian Poker Championship @ Blankenberge


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17 hours ago, Svenhd said:

Thank you sir. @Andy-Unibet

Will there be any confirmation of the qualifying via email. 

Or do I just show my ID card at the counter, and all will be good? 




You should have got an email but looks like you're opted out of marketing emails and for some reason they sent it to BE players through the marketing channel rather than direct.

The registration desk will have a list of qualified players names and the days they're registered for so you just need let them know who you are, show ID and you should be good to go.

Poker Janitor

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On 8/20/2022 at 3:38 PM, dJ_b0rG said:

When will you update the "algemene voorwaarden" because now there are inconsistencies in the rules on the website regarding the re-entry. When can you re-enter, and how many times. Different rules at the moment....


Where are the inconsistences? Can you provide a link.

It's a single re-entry on 1C if you bust 1A or 1B.

Poker Janitor

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