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Not able to post in casino or poker section

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Hi  and welcome :)

We've never heard of this problem before and it sounds a bit strange, could you describe how it doesn't work? 

  • Is there no "Start a topic" button?
  • Do you get an error message after trying to post the topic? Or does it perhaps loop you back to the board? 

Any information is helpful :)


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If it loops you back to the post, scroll down and try posting again. Sometimes it says theres code in your post that wasnt recognized, & it automatically deletes it. Also, I've found that theres a couple 'trigger' words that prevent you from posting, but again it should tell you the exact problem once you scroll below text.
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Thank you for fast reponse.

When I'm not logged in, I guet a normal yellow start a topic button. When I log in the site requests me to log in. When I do so, he reports that i do not have sufficient rights:


When I'm logged in, the start a topic button is just greyed out:


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  • Solution

@Navsea wrote:


For some reason I'm not able to start a topic inside the poker and casino subforum.

Other subforums do work?

Any reason for this?

This has been solved :)

As there're special restrictions to casino and poker and Belgium, you need to be a certain age, in order to write in these parts of the community. You should automatically have been granted permissions to post in these parts of the community, but for whatever reason that didn't happen. I'll investigate further, but for now I've granted the permission manually :)

Apologies for the inconvenience.

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