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Using prepaid Visa card from Canada


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Hey all !

To Unibet, I see from the cashier that you accept deposits and send withdrawls to VISA cards.

I am in Canada, and am researching for a PREPAID VISA card to further top-up my account.

Which cards are the ones that will accept deposits and receive withdrawal/payment from Unibet ?



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I have used this for years and hold a Premier account there: https://www.entropay.com/

Unibet have that as a choise.

Do recomend a Skrill account , they give you a Master card if you want...anyway here is the link to Skrill also used by Unibet: https://www.skrill.com/en-us/

Be aware that I dont know if Unibet have changed the deposit\withdraw limits true Skrill, they had a low one before on withdraw, even I have a VIP No limit account there...confusing part...

Those are the 2 I recomend.


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I've found the easiest way to deposit is through Paysafecards. Just go to a Canada post, ask the cashier for one. And for withdrawal, I use bank transfer.

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Always buy Vanilla Prepaid Mastercards or Visas in Canada they allow gambling transactions.  When it comes to reloadable cards, go with CIBC or PC Financial those 2 I know still accept gambling transactions.  Vanilla ones can be found at Shell, Shoppers Drug Mart, Esso, Petro Canada now, Walmart, so that's your best option.

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Yes thanks guys,


I did use paysafe at the Post Office, fees were pretty high, also you cannot withdrawl to it unfortunately.


Looking into this Vanilla thing, sounds like what I'm needing.  Have to check fees and other details, I suppose.


Thankyou all very much.

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