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Post of the week - week 30


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Ladies and gentleman, here's what we think is the post of the week, thanks a lot to  for this very well described feedback on Unibet poker and our community :)

Hi, Everybody!,  Hi Dr. Nick (sorry talking to myself)

I"ve played online poker for 12 to 13 years now, I was around when the games were incredibly good back in 2007.  Been around through all the scandals and crap that has damaged online poker severely.  Now I believe that Unibet Poker is the online poker room of the present and future. 

Like a lot of poker players I have 20 different poker clients on my computer.  I play where the promotions are, where the value is and where I enjoy.

For one thing my favorite place to play based on software, avatars, etc.  is Unibet Poker I mean I like the graphics and the atmosphere of the tables.  It does matter, because on PartyPoker I hate how it feels and don't really want to play there because of it.  I know the software has had issues on Unibet, but they keep fixing and improving it and I don't really feel any of those issues anymore.

Cash Games are great on Unibet, they have amazing satellite systems to the UK Tour and Unibet Open.  I am a satellite specialist when it comes to NL Hold'em and I really like the systems that they have in place.

Some people are noting that the games are getting tougher than they were say 6 months ago.  That is because Unibet is doing a great job at keeping recreational players playing and eventually you will get better at poker.  You can only shove J4 so many times all in and lose before your like maybe I should fold that hand. /i/smilies/16x16_smiley-very-happy.png  Also more players are getting sick of the same old crap and cutting of promotions at other online poker rooms, so they are looking for better alternatives like Unibet.

However the games are still great during more casual player times.  The weekend and holidays are the time to hit the tables.  Right now the grinders are focusing on cash games to move up the leaderboards.  When a promotion like that comes up, you should play the opposite such as Tournaments if your looking for softer games.  Adapting is a huge key to being succesful at online poker and boosting your bankroll.

The best part of Unibet Poker right now I think is this the non toxic games!

I am so sick and tired of people getting bashed at the poker tables whenever they make a mistake or get lucky or anything.  On 888 for example every table it seems someone is needling someone, you can throw things at your opponents like eggs.  You can type fish and a fish emoji appears.  It's so bad for the game and even at times on Unibet I feel I want to type something, but I am glad that I can't.  

Unibet Poker's ability to change aliases and no chat whatsoever is brilliant.  Some want like positive things you can say, that doesn't work either.  You can use those to be sarcastic and still needle people.  It just doesn't work getting rid of it all is the best thing for online poker in the last decade.  I remember 5 days ago I ran a $1 into a seat to Sweden running through the step system on 888 which is a great system.  However in the finals, it was winner take all so I had an aggressive mind set.  I was playing aggressively trying to level people and lost half my stack.  Was down to less then half a stack shoved KJ suited hit a jack vs Ak and got back to even.  After the hand not one but two people berated me non stop.

Let me be clear I am a very good player whose played over 10,000 tournaments with a big return on investment.  I've profited every year that I've ever played poker, I'm a satellite expert etc, I'm not here to tell who I am.  I play casually now a days, if you had my poker mind you would be like what are you doing play 10 hrs/day 8 tabling 1000nl.  But depression/anxiety and other issues keep me playing casually at the moment. But when you poke me and attack me personally, that's going to get me to focus.

 I went from no big deal tournament to out to get this win.  One of the the two berators went out quickly and the other one was getting quite lucky and knocked out a few players to get heads up against me, he had a 3.5-1 chip lead, but I'm still a strong favorite in that spot in my opinion.  Anyways I had laser focus and used all my tricks in my arsenal to book the win.  The point of the story is attack a good player and they'll play their best game against you, attack a bad player and they'll just quit the game.  None of the two scenarios are good for poker in general.  

The atmosphere of Unibet Poker and the non toxic games is one thing, the people here running all these promotions and putting in so much time and effort is another.

This community is incredible and I'm loving to watch it grow and expand.  There is so many promotions running every week that it's great and valuable to come back every day.  I enjoy reading the topics and using some of my poker knowledge to potentially help things out or give my opinion.  

You have all these promotions, the community league, the freerolls and all these amazing people that are keeping track of leaderboards and sending everyone prizes, responding to posts etc.  It's incredible the work you guys do on the community, including on twitch with the great streams.  How much you guys keep giving away is unheard of.  No other poker site was ever giving away 12 to 15 euros in tickets each week with the mysterious tournaments and that is just one of the many ways you guys keep giving back.  It's just great generosity by the Unibet Poker staff.

Unibet is the only site that I always want to have money on and look forward to each and every day.  From the improvements you have made, to the ones you have planned, it's fantastic and I hope to do my part and contribute what I can for many years to come.

I type a lot I am sorry, it's just something I do /i/smilies/16x16_smiley-happy.png


Former Community Manager
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@BookTheWin wrote:

Also shoutout to Polarbear and MoreTBC for making me feel bad.  Definitely not writing my own article for sure, feel terrible for winning.

dont make such a big drama for it , i was defending you in your post.

you are and will not be the only one who are doing this for a prize , thats are them in play to be won ! so congrats , i have nothing to do with anything and i dont take part in any of the post of the week or month super user with 600 posts in few days.

dont feel bad and enjoy your prize and make from them hundreds or maybe more.

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