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Volume Control - Poker client


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@Silver1 thanks for submitting the suggestion. I'm gonna decline the idea for now, as we've got a lot of other projects and improvements with a higher priority. It's also worth noting that you can easily adjust this in Windows yourself - not sure which device you usually use?

Simply right click the volume/sound icon in the taskbar, select "open volume mixer" and you can adjust the client volume - so you can listen to loud music and have quiet client alerts at the same time.

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@bizarre12for me the sound volume settings was saved from when I today started up my computer. Using Windows 10.

There are quite many threads on internet about people having similar problems with other applications. Many refer to that there might be a solution related to the registry on the computer. If you modify the registry I strongly recommend you to backup the registry before and make sure you know how to rollback the change so that you are not corrupting the operating system. Im not saying the solution is to modify the registry so don't quote me on this one:) I don't want to set you up in a spot where your computer stops working. 

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