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I have been a Unibet customer since before internet, text-tv and telphone), but apparently with the wrong personal id-number the whole time..., now I neeed help to be able to verify my account. But I must admit that unibets horrible way of making everyting as easy as possible for themselves and as hard as possible for their customers. The time I spent to be able just to ask thios question is.... just sad.

So I just want to check if I got any money and then take it out or bet them away fast and then never come back. There are customer-centric competitors to self-centric unibet out there...

but how do I verify my account?

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Hi @olagun, welcome to the Community :)
When I read a first line of your post I laughed a bit if I can be honest but I opened the account and, well, I raise my hat to you sir :) glad to have one of the old timers here in the Community with us. Since the account verification happens via login in with a Bank ID and the login won't work due to the discrepancy with the SSN we would need to verify your ID and manually adjust it in your account. The document request is created in the account and you can now upload it. Let us know when it's done and I'll do my best to have it verified ASAP @olagun.


Former Community Moderator
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