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HTTP_ERROR (C0/H200)(operator)


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Hi @vanhemel, welcome to the Community. We'll be sure to have a look at this ASAP and advise you on a fix. Have you tried refreshing the software of the phone by any chance? The version you are running is the one before last.

Code nameVersion numberInitial release date
Nougat7.0 – 7.1.2August 22, 2016
Oreo8.0 – 8.1August 21, 2017
Pie9.0August 6, 2018


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 @vanhemel I've had a quick look at the logs, and it looks like you managed to sign in from mobile after reporting the issue? - I do see some failed attempts as well though. How often are you experiencing the issue?

@RayL Android 8.0 is the latest version available for SM-A520F.

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