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Dispersion and regular (short story)


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D - Dispersion
R - Regular

D: - Hi dude.Can I stay with you?
R: - Our heating is not working. Let me take you to the hotel?
D: - Did you forget that i am cold-blooded creature?
R: - No. But I had to try...
D: - Don't be upset. I am just for a couple of days.
R: - Okay, come on. Where will you sleep?
D: - As always. Between you and Tilt!
R: - Did Tilt come too?
D: - Not yet, but soon...
R: - Ask him not to make noise at night.
D: - LOL!!! I will tell him. Who is this hiding under your bed?
R: - Bankroll. Don't you remember him?
D: - Now remembered! So fat became. What are you feeding him?
R: - Eats everything...but very loves fish!
D: - Let's put him on a diet?
R: - He feels good with such weight
D: - Don't argue with me! Open the table...and don't forget to order a new gaming mouse!


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