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Customer Support Very Rude

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Today I had a very bad experience with Unibet Norway customer support. I asked for help since I couldn’t and still can’t place money into my account. He used maybe 15-20 minutes and told me to use another browser or another payment method. I’ve tried chrome and safari and it didn’t work. I spoke with my bank who confirmed that there is nothing wrong with my card. I told him this and he quickly became very rude. I told him I found him rude and asked for his name, which he repsonded to by ending the conversation immediatly. I have screenshots of the whole chat

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Hi @Ademogabbana, sorry for the long waiting time and thank you for contacting us with this issue.
We did contact the relevant Customer service team and had the chat analyzed for the above rudeness, and although we agree that the agent was a bit too short with his/her answers and took a bit more time than usual to provide answer the "rudeness" is absent. Here at Unibet we do have the liberty to either use our own name if we wish on Live Chat, or to use an Alias but whichever we choose, our name may that be original or chosen is displayed and based on that a complaint can be traced back to the agent, this only for future reference, however I can understand that the agent refused to give out his/her full name or his/her original name. Personally I always used my original name and it did happen that I was contacted on Facebook by players to solve an issue, :) not the best or the most secure line in my opinion so I just directed them back to Live Chat.
Anyways, to make a long story short, I am offering to have a closer look at the possible payment error, however as the agent advised you in the Live Chat, the error seems to be arriving from your bank which is out of our reach, so having a chat with them regarding the error would be essential + making sure your 3DS works properly is also a must. Using another personal method (if possible) is always an option until this gets fixed.


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