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All Happy New Year!!! This year I made a wish to become a streamer 😃  I figured to buy equipment you need about 5,000 $. I deliberately took a break in 2018 to gain strength and enthusiasm. I tried to reduce my balance to 0, and it almost worked 🤣 Every week I will take 25% of the balance so that there is an airbag. I think it won't hit my strategy hard. If I remember something, I wanted to write, I will definitely write in the following posts 🤣  January 1 is hard to do 🤣

P. S.  peace for everyone 😃



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Good luck this year. I hope you'll have many days on which you won't feel 0 lucky.

I'd be very curious to see you streaming! Which language would you stream in?

I don't know how you came up with $5,000 in equipment, but you can stream with way less than that: $1000 if you need a new pc, $100 for a cam, $100 for a mic. Streaming software is free.

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@GR1ZZL3R hehe.. I blocked the casino for a week...  now maybe I will have one day a week with 3euro there ... last couple weeks casino cost my bankroll 40euro or maybe more ..yesterday I was focused to recover as much as possible in Nanos and succeeded from 5e->28e:)

so today I'm going back to the tracks :popeye:

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"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises."
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@Merenitsu I wish you all the best and 1000Lucky in 2019 ;)
And I'm absolutely sure, that you can buy all stuff you need for streaming for much less than 5K. But the actual cost depends on what you really want/need to buy (which means you have to set your expectations first).

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“Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you.”
― Joseph Heller, Catch-22
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I am not an expert in equipment, if someone finds time and throws a couple of options with prices, I will be very happy

@pinki If I fulfill my mission, it is possible at Christmas 2019 to make a joint stream of games in a casino. I think it will be fun to see reactions in different languages.

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This is the webcam I have, and it's quite common among streamers: https://www.amazon.de/Logitech-C920-HD-Pro-Webcam-Videogespräche-Videoaufnahmen-Full-HD-Stereo-Mikrofonen/dp/B006A2Q81M

This is the mic I have: https://www.amazon.de/Samson-SAC01UPRO-C01UPRO-USB-Mikrofon/dp/B00HXE4BYW

I think this is the most popular streaming mic: https://www.amazon.de/Blue-Yeti-USB-Mikrofon-Silber/dp/B002VA464S/

Also, having at least 2 screens can be useful for streaming, that way you can always have your streaming software and chat visible on the side. You can find screens for €200 that are good enough as a second monitor.

If you want a new pc, for streaming poker you don't need much in terms of pc hardware. For example this pc is already a lot better than what I currently have, and would even be good enough for streaming a lot of games: https://www.amazon.de/Megaport-Gaming-PC-Vollausstattung-FX-8300-Computer/dp/B00HVB8KB2/

If you buy that pc, cam, mic and two €200 screens, you have a very decent brand new setup for roughly €1200. But to start out, just buy a cam and mic first, install OBS on you current computer and make a test recording to see how it runs. That's how I started, it cost me less than €200.

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Hi @Merenitsu

I too am in the process of setting up a Twitch stream from this year.

Got the usb microphone, webcam already, but will be getting more RAM for my PC and then giving it ago and see how well it will work or not. 🆒

If not, then I'll upgrade to a better PC and also a second monitor.

Also while I'm doing that, I'll be using BSL ( British Sign Language ) for the deaf, as I think that there are a lot of the Deaf Community out there who wants to play poker.

Good luck there dude

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04.01.2019 Day 3
09:05 $25 Holdem Freeroll -
13:05 $30 Omaha Freeroll -
15:05 $50 Holdem Freeroll -
17:05 $30 Omaha Freeroll -
18:00 $50 Davitsche Added -
19:15 $100 Holdem Freeroll -
20:00 $50 Davitsche Added - $ 0.20 22/ 669 

@pinki @GR1ZZL3R There is no logic at all. Story. The first half an hour of bad hands as usual, then in 30 minutes I get an ace king in almost every hand 😃 This allowed me to collect 35 K  chips / After that, the ace king lost 3 times in a row against 2 queens and once against 10-7 all hands were played preflop ( remember this 😃) I dropped to 6k, but a pair of aces and good flops corrected my position but then it happened. what do you think with which hand and against which one I lost? 🤣 

P.s. 1-st in this year cash money 😀


Cash - $ 0.20
Tickets - 1 Mtt
Bonus points -29
points - 75

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