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Show posts witin the Help section also on the front page on the latest posts!


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Currently, posts in the help sections are not displayed in the 'latest posts' on the front page of the forum.

In my opinion, these posts, where people often need (urgent) help, should CERTAINLY be displayed there for visibility and faster answers!

Thank you for the consideration :)


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@TDW I like the idea in itself, but I'm declining it for a few reasons - the same reasons why I think you won't get too many likes on this one.

Since our new Help Center went live(where we have a community widget attached), we've seen an increased number of help and supports posts from players, a lot of the posts are lacking one thing or another though. I think I know why, but I cannot change the fact that they are. The problems we see are;

1) A post asking for help, but where the problem is very vaguely described. Someone ask for more information, but the OP never returns.

2) A post is made asking for help, but the player decides to go to the live chat not long after and it's solved through there.

3) Posts asking for help, but written just like the player would upon first contact with a live agent - and not all people have the same level of politeness, meaning that the player doesn't even say hello or anything in their first post on community, but just describes the problem(though often vaguely).

4) A lot of the queries can't be handled without having access to backoffices, and given that the nature of the queries changes quite a bit, sometimes we saw people who were trying to be helpful, but unfortunately gave information that wasn't correct in the situation at hand.

The direct feedback I've gotten from long term members here, both some through PM and some when meeting guys at Unibet Open events, is that as an active member, you don't feel like helping out a new rank 1 who didn't even take the time to write "Hello", who was maybe a bit rude, or didn't care to describe the issue properly.
That, and the feedback that these posts being on the main page brings about unnecessary negativity for people who are here to actually enjoy conversation, is what has made me the decision to remove and keep them in a section by itself. I do agree that players should be getting help much faster than they are currently, but we also want to do promotions and actually read and sometimes respond to what the active members here are talking about - so I'm in talks with my boss on solving this problem(we used to be 3 people, now we're 2, but number of members is up +100% since then).
It might not seem so bad to let the help and support post go on the front page, but after seeing x number of "my bet wasn't settled and match ended 15 minutes ago, THIS IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH Unibet when will you settle my bet?", it doesn't really add to a good community experience I think.




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100 % agree @JeppeL. I used to read every post and even sometimes try to help but now I just skip most of them after a brief glance, especially the demanding ones, basic rants, or most of them when the first ever post on the community is with a problem. They just tend to not post again wether the problem is settled to their satisfaction or not.:teardrop:

"How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?"

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