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About "RISK FREE BET in the match LIVERPOOL VS M. UNITED. A week later, in still dont have a answer"


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I write this because you, @RayL , dont resolve my problem, and also dont give the freebet that you say be added. Is this on purpose? First, you say it was a profit boost, but i have a screenshot of the promotion, it say FREE RISK BET. Second, you say a freebet of 5 euro was added to my account, but i dont see any freebet and appear the post like it was solve, unbelievable.
I dont know what to think, is the first this happen to me here. 
I just want the bonus from the promotion, i did  what the guy say in the chat, what i did wrong?


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Sorry about that @shadow , my bad for not adding the free bet, it's now on your account.

Honestly I did indeed see a Profit Boost on that day but during the Advent calendar things and offers tend to change so I am not disputing that the offer was indeed a Risk Free bet given the screenshot above. The logs that I have were most probably not updated with the changes. Anyways, sorry for the confusion caused on my side and I hope that I managed to at least compensate you for the time lost.



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