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Got charged without getting the money


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I really need help since the livechat support arent that good at it.

I have tryed to deposit money on my account but theres coming deny boxes.

But somehow, Unibet has charged me 400kr (200 and 200 again) without they went to my Unibet account...

Any help


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Hi @Omar00, welcome to the Community. :)

What usually happens when there is a deposit declined by the bank or there is an error is exactly this. You get debited 2 times unfortunately. This is not something tied to us I'm afraid but I'm happy to advise you.

Generally speaking the funds should be returned to your account by the next banking day which is Monday, however if that doesn't happen we can look into it for you. We would however need a Bank Statement showing the deposited amount that was double debited. You can send that to contact@unibetcommunity.com or and give us a heads up when done. We'll know more once the financial department has a closer look at it.

Former Community Moderator
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