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Can not log in using Swedish BankID on computer

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I've got a working account on unibet, using username and password to log on. But today I tried to log on using Swedish bank-id which was a new option for logging in. However, it does not seem to work.

If I dont start the BankID application manually, nothing happens. If I do start BankID, so that it's already running when I press the log in using Bank ID link on Unibet, I get an error message from BankID, telling me that the login was prevented, that I should never let anyone else tell me to start it to log in somewhere... (I started it myself!)

My BankID is valid, and works on other sites.

What's wrong?


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The error message from BankID reads:
Your BankID has been temporarily stopped because it has been used incorrectly. Never use your BankID at the request of someone else. Please wait a while and try again. Message code 10038.

I'm using Firefox in Windows 7 and Windows 10.

I also tried Chrome. There I got another message:

Digital ID from BankID is missing There is not digital BankID on this compiter that can be used for the current authentication or signature [...] Message code 10036

Obviously my BankID application reacts on the log in requests, since it sends up error messages, but as I wrote in my initial question, it works on other sites. It seems there is some error in Unicode's implementation of BankID "på fil".

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Thanks Ray,

I understand that answer, but since I don't have a smart phone, or tablet (iPad), Mobile BankID (swedish: mobilt bankid) is not an option for me. If mobile BankID is to be the only way to do do certain things, such as withdraw money, I won't be able to use Unibet from December 28 2018, with the new regulations in Sweden.

Unibet wrote about the new Swedish gaming regulation, in a mail December 17th: "Vänligen kontrollera att ditt spelkonto är BankID-verifierat." (in English that would be: "Please make sure that your user account is verified with BankID"). They obviously should have written "mobile BankID" then.

I think it's a bad choice not to include the PC version of BankID as login. I don't think I'm the only one to use a computer. Yes, I know most people do have a smart phone.... but I can't see why it's required, since I'm already by my computer with BankID installed. The possibility for BankID integrated security software, to read coordinates where on the screen you put your fingers when you type in your password, does of course not work with a keyboard based option (PC), but other than that the security can not be very much different on a PC than using an iPad for loggin in (logging in on the iPad = using the same device for BankID and Unibet).

Is it a cost issue limiting the login to Mobile BankID? Or lack of implementation knowledge?

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Hi @KKat, I wouldn't say that it's necessarily tied to cost or implementation knowledge. The world is going mobile and at the moment 70% of our Gross Revenue comes from mobile, it's a good indication to the direction that we need to concentrate more, but I am sorry to hear that this represents an issue for you. The last thing we would like is to exclude a player due to something like this, but I am unsure if this will be opened for PC Bank ID logins as well.
The only resolution at the moment does indeed seem to be acquiring a smartphone, and sorry I don't mean to be "smart" with this one, it is after all a personal choice if a person would like a Smartphone or not, but who knows, maybe Santa will leave one under the tree this year :happyshy:

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