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I don't see my cards


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@Doroty5599 wrote:

sometimes I don't see my cards & avatar

I wrote only one hand number #353375781

it is an very old issue , and you dont have much what to do in this case . i dont think that they can see that your hand was not visible so you should have made a print screen.

to me happens all the time and sometimes i get dealt twice in the same hand. i mean i receive my cards they disapear and get dealt once again. of course same starting hand , but anyway very weird

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once again, now I made a screenshot.


Such errors can not happen,

developers in the first place take care of it.

Perhaps precisely because I did not win this tournament.

Well it was free tournament, but recently in cash games.

Is there any chance for a little bonus for it? and now, and of course in the future.

My Betting Thread My Stats(ex: Month, Bets WON-LOST, ROI):

July: 5-3, 104,28%

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Have tournament lobby open. When that happens quickly X out of table, then rejoin. Temporary solution until its fixed.
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