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Daily Picks - 27/07/16


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Hey Community,

it's another great day to burn some money. Do you remember the feeling of earning your first double trouble ticket? The anger of the loss and the joy of the win. The perfect mix.

Bondarenko K./Savchuk O. - Halep S./Niculescu M. (WTA Montreal doubles - last 16)

Montreal, hardcourt, mainly sunny afternoon with 30°C. Battle of the well experienced ukrainan double against the higher ranked romanians. It seems like another coinflip. Ahh, and dont forget the special rules (there is no adventage after deuce-first point decides and the the third set goes to champion's tie break-like a simple tie break but winner need to reach 10 points).

Why Halep S./Niculescu M.?

  1. because number talks: the romanians are better seeded booth in singles(Halep 5th) and in doubles (Niculescu 23th) than the ukrainans (Bondarenko 63th and Savchuk 56th in doubles).
  2. they are in good form: Halep beat Gavrilova to 6:2, 6:3 and Niculescu made a surpise to by beating Ostapenko 3:6, 7:5, 6:1.
  3. Halep have a very good service game and Niculescu can even surprise the opponents with her unique curved ball playing style.

Why Bondarenko K./Savchuk O.?

  1. There is no doubt the shakedown is on this side. They fought a lot of battles together and it is always risky if a high seeded single player (Halep) trying to earn triump in doubles.
  2. They beat the great server and experienced double Babos/Šafářová to 6:2, 6:2. Flawless victory.
  3. The singles: booth Halep and Niculescu is still in the singles competition too. Niculescu will play against Radwanska before the doubles today and she is an underdog. Accourding to the draw there is only 3 hour gap between the 2 matches. It's not a rare thing but it is not easy be on the top mentally in two games in a raw.

My vote goes to Bondarenko K./Savchuk O. for 2.30. Cheers!


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nice preview, I agree

one question I had in mind, do you know if the Romanian players (Halep/N.) plan for double women in Rio 2016? cos they might wanna practice here some real competion and also want to advance in double (despite the singles)? 

Edit: forget about it, double women is Begu/Niculescu for Romania at Rio, no Halep at Rio becos of zika

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