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My deposit didn't come through


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I deposited with trustly 140 Zloty. Money is from my bankaccountount but not on my players account 

I can not reach the chat. And i cant send a email, i need to setup the email client that i never use. How can i contact support

I find a phonenumber but for me it is not worming. And i found a email address but not sure if it is the correct one.

.can someone advise what to do?


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Hi @Henrydr, welcome to the Community and thank you for contacting us. We have indeed reached out to Trustly regarding your missing deposit and the following message was received:

"Thank you for contacting Trustly.

We can see that orderID 3835327069 encountered a minor issue during processing and was automatically refunded upon settlement as per your account settings.
The transaction it comes from Trustly Group AB and can be found looking for reference 2266944176.
We expect that the customer will see the funds in their bank within the next 1-2 banking days."

In short, it seems that Trustly encountered an error with your deposit and have returned it to your bank account. Now they mention 1-2 banking days which means that the money should be back in your account by Monday latest Tuasday. Let us know if that doesn't happen, we can try and help you out with a trace if so.



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