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Yesterday i was forced to get a new password (had it automatically for years, suddenly didn´t work), but when arriving att my account it was empty.
No history at all, and zero money. As i remeberg it was at least some money left there. This all seems very strange to me, as if it is a completly new account when i´ve had one for years and years.
What happend here???

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Hi @Axmanaxman58, welcome to the Community :)

This is an odd one for sure. So, I had a look at your account and I can see a balance and activity on it. What I would advise you to do is change the browser you access your account with, maybe a try with your phone would help. I suspect there is some sort of error related to Cookies, so deleting them would be essential. Let me know how this troubleshooting goes, it should hopefully solve the issue.



Former Community Moderator
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