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Daily/weekly Micro Community MTT


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Hey guys (mainly @JeppeL@RayL and @Leo-Unibet),

Seeing how many blogs there are nowadays of community members grinding there way up to wherever (UO or just a bigger roll) from a micro roll I'd tought it couldn't hurt to suggest this.

What about making a micro MTT which is "closed" to community members, with 5 euro added in tickets daily. It shouldn't be too complex and it shouldn't even be 5 euro or so... in fact it shouldn't even be daily. Also all passwords for a month can be posted in the beginning of the month to reduce overhead. It shouldn't be like super exclusive, but to find the pw a player should at least take the effort to go to the community page :)

I'll suggest something somewhat more concrete.

Option 1

A daily tournament around 8PM CET with the top 3 getting a 1 euro MTT ticket or 2 euro UO ticket. This doesn't sound like super spectacular, but for a small stake player with a 10 cent buy-in it does a lot I think. I mean it's between 30 and 60 players added for free.

Option 2

Just do those MTT's on the high-traffic days only with a somewhat higher added prizepool.

Option 3

Just any kind of combo of the above. For example 3 euro added in the week and 6 on the weekends. Or the same amount of money added daily, but the buy-in is 10c on the weekends (due to higher traffic) and 25c on the weekdays.

Option 4 

Something weekly on saturday around 8 P.M. CET with 5-9 x 2 euro UO added for a 10 cent buy-in.

Mainly I'd opt to only do UO tickets since I really want as many players to ever experience the UO from this community, still remembering my 2 experiences :)

This way it'll cost the community up to 200 euro's per week in added value, which can be reduced from other huge prizepools (and it wouldn't even make a dent in those prizepools) which I think is more worth it as it stimulates to grind more than just giving out chuncks of money :p

I see now that the circumstances of ones birth are irrelevant... It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.
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@pinki the thing with league's is that people need to play every game to stand a chance to win anything. (even when you make only 10% of the games count...)
It also generates a lot of extra overhead and so on and so forth. 
My suggestion has a little overhead once a month (setting up the games and posting the passwords to the community)
League's are also better with higher value games. Like it was in the past (5 euro games, a few times per week for a decent leaderboard prizepool), and also there it had been proven that the league gave a bit too much overhead ;)

Can you give any other reason why a league is better? 

Why we do need extra micro games? Because Unibet want's to be good for recreationals and good in atmosphere. To create a good atmosphere for recreationals it's good to have these kind of games, where it's highly possible that you'll recognise a lot of players :)

I see now that the circumstances of ones birth are irrelevant... It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.
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@VikingsAF  allright ... micro ok , but with decent structure 10.000 starting stack and 8min levels :) i wrote smth about in another posts we dont have decent mtt's on 1-2e  smth similar to ie. supernova/titan/deep impact/ comet ... maybe for  community if not for everyone :)

"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises."
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