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History of Tournaments did not working properly


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Dear @Patric-Unibet, @RayL,

I'm playing poker by using browser (latest Mozilla Firefox 63.0.1) most of the time ... and this is quite 'weird' ... today early morning (2 hours before) this history search was working pretty well and I was able to see how I finished (e.g. Casino FLIP tournament scheduled 07.11.2018 20:25 CET) ... but 2 hours later I'm unable to see anything - got no idea why ?


Can you investigate it and give me a feedback, please ?


Note: is there any other 'way' how to see how I finished some let's say 'flip' tournament ? Completed tournaments really dissapear damn quickly from Lobby view :-)

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 Hi @MadAdo,

you can see the last 500 hands or 30 days in the hand history viewer in the client. My guess would be that you have played 500 hands since then and therefore can't see it anymore?

Or does it not show you and previous hand histories anymore?

At the moment, there is unfortunately no other way to see the tournament results, usually you always know your place unless you play flip tournaments, where it's either way outside of your control, as it's pure luck.

We remove most of the smaller completed tournaments quickly from lobby as it might otherwise make the lobby more chaotic and also slower.


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