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500€ betting freeroll


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Every week there are 2 tournaments €500 Betting Freeroll. First is played monday evening and the second one is played thursday evening. 

The tickets have an expiration date of 7 days from the moment you receive them , which gives you a chance to use them either on a monday or if you missed it, you can play it on thursday. 

The registration for these tournaments in open only 1 hours before it starts, so no point in just looking at the tournament lobby now, cause you can't join yet.

But the torunament from monday is there now , and last week there was no problem with them , as i played them both , on monday and thursday , so if your ticket expired is because you didn't use them during this week. 


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@DoktorAvalanche wrote:

Meh. I choose to stake less than 10, but i might spend more than that. Not sure why i'd just be happy there's a freeroll. You be happy. :)

My best advise is if you don't have comfortable bankroll kjust keep yourself away from those betting freeroolls. If you have then you also should consider if there is a value in  it or not. €500 or as this monday was €1500 sounds awesome but this tourney is a real speedrun and if you don't have the right cards in the right moment, or nobody calls you then the possible €1 or €2 win isn't what we can call a real bankroll booster. Sometimes you can win UO tickets(as last Monday) but a ticket isn't equal to cash and you can't exchange it to more comfortable gmae types anymore. So if you want to spent €10 then I would suggest you to play the selected tourney instead of risk your amount once in betting, again at freeroll and again at tourney.

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