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Is original transaction part of the bonus?


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I just put in €20 to bet on 2 esports games this weekend. 10 on each. I automatically got a €40 bonus and thought this was a nice extra (with rules) but that my original money would be okay to bet with. I find however no difference in the wallet about this. I put a 10 euro bet on each of the team and then the bonus on one. As I understand it now, this means my original €20 got converted to 'bonus' too and I wont get the returns of these games? Even worse, one of the bets is less than 1.4 odds which means it wont even count towards the bonus?

Is this correct?

I cancelled the bonus but it didnt seem to remove the bets. Is there anyway to cancel these and simply have my 2x€10 on each of the teams?


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Hi @noavxa__, welcome to the Community :). By canceling the Bonus, you have "Freed" your Cash from under the wagering requirements, so basically it is like no bonus was ever present on the account. The payout of the bets should happen in cash.

Let us know if there is any issue after the bets are settled and we;ll gladly take a look at it.



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